Alien Assault by James David Victor

Alien Assault

Alien Assault by James David Victor (Blue Star Marines Book 2)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.7 MB

James David Victor is the pen name used by Dave and Shannon VanBergen for co-authored science fiction projects. It is their way of sharing a wide variety of stories by working with multiple other talented authors..

When all else fails, sometimes you have to call on your enemy for help, but that doesn’t necessarily make them your friend.
Will Boyd has infiltrated the enemy and earned their trust. When an alien force, more powerful than anything he has ever seen shows up, he must decide which lines to cross and which orders to keep. Can he balance everything and save himself or will he fall victim to the enemy he didn’t even know about.

The flight deck of the Faction raider, the Odium Fist, was dimly lit, with only a flickering holo-image lighting the faces of the bridge crew around the deck. Running at stealth approach, the ship and crew were silent, watching the target up ahead. Will Boyd sat in the pilot’s seat, focused entirely on his flight controls.

The Union heavy freighter lay just on the edge of the Fist’s sensor range, which had been boosted by a small surveillance drone travelling ahead at a distance of three hundred thousand kilometers. Boyd held a steady speed, keeping the drone at the exact same distance without wavering by more than a meter.

On a state-of-the-art Union cruiser or frigate, it would have been an impressive display of piloting skill. Here on the Fist, a battered old raider, it was nothing short of incredible, impossible for any pilot other than Boyd.

Captain Poledri slipped down from his command chair, his feet touching the deck silently. He moved slowly across the flight deck—as if he thought he could give away the position of his ship with a loud or sudden movement—and came up behind Boyd

Poledri placed a hand on the back of Boyd’s seat.

“Great flying, Boyd,” Poledri said quietly.

Boyd simply nodded. He focused entirely on the range to the drone.

The holo-stage flickered again. Every time the holo-stage flickered, the image of the Union heavy lost a little more clarity, and now, flickering wildly, the image returned as an indistinct smear across the display. Boyd felt his heart jump. The drone was small and built for a hunt, but if the heavy was alert and actively searching for raiders then the small composite device would show up if it drifted too close to the target.

Boyd was flying the Fist and the drone simultaneously, keeping both just within range of each other.

“Steady, Boyd,” Poledri said, stepping around the pilot’s chair and walking over to the holo-stage. He stood with his hands behind his back, looking up at the image of the Union ship.

The image flickered again, losing all color, before finally settling and resolving back into clarity.

“Where’s Thresh?” Poledri said. “Can’t she fix this kravin’ holo-stage?”

“She’s at the reactor shunt,” Noland said from his position at the surveillance and communication console to the port side of the flight deck.

“I know where she is. It was a rhetorical question.” Poledri tapped the controls on the holo-stage and attempted to clear up the image on the aging unit.

“You know what rhetorical means, don’t you?” Boyd said, looking over at Noland with a grin.

Noland mouthed an obscenity at Boyd before speaking. “Do you want me to answer that?”

Boyd turned back to his flight deck, and the pair laughed at their joke.

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