Alien Freak by Calista Skye

Alien Freak

Alien Freak by Calista Skye (Alien Abductors #2)
English | 2020 | Romance, Sci-Fi | ePUB | 1.2 MB

I hate this cage.

It’s small and cold and it zaps me if I touch the bars.
My captor is staring at me from the outside. He’s huge, red and so alien it makes my skin creep. Especially those snake-like scales he has.
He looks at me with icy, penetrating eyes. Like I’m a specimen in a lab. There is definitely movement in his pants.
I know why. Aliens really like to get Earth girls pregnant.
I hate the cage. But I hate that alien freak even more.
If he gives me just a tiny opening, I’ll try to kill him.
I can be freaky, too.
She’s tiny and round and irresistible. Her frightened scent makes me dizzy.
I’m glad I caught her. I can put her to good use.
My own species is almost extinct. I will bring it back, using this alien female. It will be a great pleasure.
She’s mine now.

I feel it, too. I just want to keep my head down and live my life without any trouble. The thing is, that is possible for most. A lot of the world has lost its luster, sure. But it is still possible to get by.

As long as you’re not abducted. As long as you can look the other way. As long as you obey.

But I don’t want to become complacent. We are important. We are not slaves, and we must not start to accept that we are.

“Would you say that if you were taken up, Gabby? To be sold, raped by aliens, and maybe get pregnant, then ripped open while giving birth to a hybrid baby the size of a basketball? With spikes like a sea urchin?”

“Probably not,” Gabrielle concedes, throwing back her mane of silky hair. “But the odds are in my favor.”

I glance over at her. If the alien abductors were humans, she would be in the first batch they abducted. She’s tall, slim, blonde, and beautiful, a real stunner. But that’s not the type the aliens prefer. “Maybe. Nobody’s safe, Gabby.”

Except me, probably. Always a little chubby, mousy hair that won’t hold a style, nose a little too big, legs a little too short, forgettable and anonymous. I doubt I’ll ever see the insides of a Bululg spaceship, and that’s absolutely fine.

She shrugs. “I know. But what are we going to do? This is the way things are now. We can’t fix it. The Bululg are holding us in an iron grip, but they’re not actively exterminating us. We have to live with it, somehow. And once we reach thirty, we should be safe.”

She’s right, of course. We do appear to be powerless against the aliens, with their technology and those terrible creatures that helped them invade us. The faint rumors of a Resistance movement are probably just fantasy and wishful thinking. The aliens are keeping total track of each one of us at all times. And yet, I want to feel the resistance inside myself. I don’t want to take this lying down.

I finish the yogurt and suck the last of the flavor off the spoon. It’s not great. Seems like nothing tastes like it used to. “While tens of thousands of other girls have been taken. It’s hard to enjoy life with that going on. Okay, this topic is just too depressing.”

I get to my feet and take my cell phone out of its holder, but I fumble and drop it to the grass. “Ow! Shit.”

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