All the Devils by Barry Eisler

All the Devils

All the Devils by Barry Eisler (A Livia Lone Novel Book 3)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.7 Mb

All the Devils : Ten years ago, the daughter of Homeland Security Investigations agent B. D. Little vanished into thin air. So did seven other girls—the crimes all bearing the same signature characteristics.
Now the disappearances have begun again. And Agent Little’s efforts to investigate are being blocked by forces far above his pay grade. Desperate, he turns to Seattle sex-crimes detective Livia Lone, the most obsessive hunter of predators Little knows.
Livia will need that obsessiveness, and a lot more. Because the two men Little is pursuing are fearsome. Both Special Forces veterans with a dozen tours in Iraq between them. Both sadists and serial rapists. And one, the congressman scion of the vice president of the United States—a man who will use all his power to protect his son’s secrets and further his own ambitions.
The conspirators have all the assets and all the angles. And every reason to believe they’ll evade justice, as they always have before.
They don’t understand that for Livia Lone, justice is only a guideline. Revenge is the rule.

“They hugged, tightly, old comrades in arms. Then Boomer stepped back, still holding Snake’s shoulders. “Seriously, I can’t believe you’re out. What’s with the encrypted messages and coordinates? And why here, why not a bar?”

“Come on, man, it wouldn’t do for Congressman Bradley Michael ‘Boomer’ Kane the Third to be seen associating with a convicted felon. Plus, you know, this is our place.”

Boomer ignored the last part because yeah, it was their place. Or at least it had been. “General court-martial,” he said, releasing Snake’s shoulders. “Not a civilian proceeding. No such thing as a felony in the military.”

Snake laughed. “Shit, now you even sound like a congressman. Anyway. Abusive sexual contact. Conviction and dishonorable. Is what it is.”

“You were smart to plead it down. Aggravated sexual assault, you’d have another ten years still ahead of you. Maybe more.”

“Whatever. For you, it’s the same guilt by association.”

“Like I give a fuck.”

“That’s your call, if you want to make it. But I wasn’t going to take the choice away from you.”

Boomer was moved by the man’s loyalty. And after so much time, too. “Thanks, brother.”

“It’s nothing.”

“You need anything? Money? Place to stay?”

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