All the Good Men by Craig N. Hooper

 All the Good Men

All the Good Men by Craig N. Hooper (Garrison Chase Thriller, #3)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Craig Hooper is the author of the Garrison Chase series. He was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Growing up, he played lots of sports, and was an avid reader of action adventure and suspense novels. After earning a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from McMaster University, Craig left Canada and moved to Hawaii to pursue a lifelong dream of surfing. After years of traveling and surfing, Craig settled in Southern California where he earned two masters’ degrees and began adjunct teaching. While teaching part-time, he wrote his first standalone novel, a religious thriller. Though it never did get published, it spurred Craig on to keep writing. Craig, along with his wife Janine, moved to Central California where he took a job in academia and began work on his first book in the suspense series starring Garrison Chase. Years later, he landed a publishing contract with Endeavour Media for THE GREATEST GOOD. When Craig’s not busy writing his next book in the series, you’ll find him surfing or hanging out on the beach with his wife and three children.

Senators are being picked off. One by one. From both sides of the aisle. A bipartisan hitman is on the loose, and one man will risk everything to stop the killing.

Garrison Chase has done it all: As a sniper in the Marines. A covert government operative. An agent for the Bureau. Now he’s opted for a quieter life doing occasional jobs for his friend’s Washington, DC security firm. His latest job: protecting a United States senator from a threatening colleague. But that assignment turns deadly when Chase barges into a private meeting between the two senators and discovers a bloodbath.

Though it looks like a murder-suicide, Chase is convinced it’s a setup. Someone else must’ve been at the meeting. But nobody believes him. Not the local police or the feds. Everyone wants the case wrapped up neat and tidy.

When more senators are targeted, one murdered and another abducted, Chase realizes incredibly powerful men—both inside and outside the government—will do anything to hide their shocking crimes.

With dark secrets and a deep cover-up at play, Chase must tap into his considerable skills and no fail attitude to bring down the most powerful men in the country. Because if United States senators are fair game in this murder-for-hire conspiracy, then no one is safe.

I fired up the rental and cranked the heater. Since I had two keys, I locked the doors and left the car running, then slipped into the condo’s lobby to warm up. A rotund security guard sat behind a counter-height desk to the right of the elevators. He looked jovial enough, so I smiled and gave a courteous wave.

“Good day, sir,” he said. “How can I help you?”

“Just waiting for a senator,” I responded.

“Which one,” he said, chuckling. “This complex is a who’s-who of congressional delegates.”

“Felton Byrd, the senator who came in about twenty minutes ago.”

“Right, he’s visiting Senator Cooper.”

I nodded and turned my attention to the Americano in my right hand; I was never much for chit-chat. After five minutes of waiting and sipping and avoiding the security guard’s stare, I pulled out my phone and called Felton to prod the man along.

The call went to voicemail after four rings. Not bothering to leave a message, I flipped the phone shut and walked to the security desk. I stuck out my hand.

“Garrison Chase. Nice to meet you”—I glanced at his nameplate—“Chuck.”

“Likewise,” the chubby guard said with a genuine smile. The heating vent for the room was directly above the security desk, so strands of the guard’s wispy blond hair swirled around and distracted me.

I blinked and cleared my throat. “Listen, Chuck, do you have a way to buzz occupants of the building? Maybe an intercom system in each unit.” I looked at my watch. “The senators are pushing it. They have an important vote in about twenty minutes they can’t miss. And Senator Byrd isn’t answering his cell.”

“Sure thing, Mr. Chase.” He glanced at his watch. “You’re right, they really have to get a move on. I heard the vote’s at ten this morning. I’ll buzz Senator Cooper’s place.”

The buzz was louder than expected and reverberated through the small lobby. We waited in silence for a response.

After twenty seconds, the guard tried again.

“Maybe they’re on their way down,” I said, turning toward the elevator. However, the elevator numbers weren’t lighting up on the panel above the doors. “Maybe they’re in the stairwell.” I walked to the stairwell door and opened it. After listening for a few seconds, I walked back to the security desk and shook my head.

“Try again,” I said to Chuck.

He buzzed a third time, but no response came.

I looked at my watch and took a deep breath. Leaning over the counter, I said, “You have security cameras back there? Maybe they went out another exit. Did you see anything?”

The only thing behind the counter, however, was an intercom system and a laptop.

“Naw,” Chuck said, “this is the only entrance and exit that people use.” He thumbed over his shoulder. “There’s a service stairwell at the other end of the building that leads out to an alley where our dumpsters are kept, but it’s not used as an entrance.”

“But it can be used as an exit?” I asked.

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