Alliances by S.J. Madill


Alliances (Hybrid Book 3) by S.J. Madill
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

S.J. Madill hails from the magical land of Canada, and while there may not be any spaceships or unicorns (that you know of), there exists an uncanny natural ability to fix just about anything by using hockey equipment and duct tape. A lifelong reader, and a lover of all things research-intensive, he was often left feeling a sense of “what if?” when he finished reading a book. So he decided to answer those questions by writing some books of his own. You may not find any unicorns between the pages (unless they got squashed in the bindery), but you will find compassionate necromancers, reluctant warriors, and an alien who defies pronouns.

Fifty years have passed since the end of the war and the evacuation of Earth. Millions of people still live in refugee camps while humanity’s governments argue over their fate.

Humanity’s ally — the ancient Palani Empire — is creating colonies to house the neglected refugees. Ruthless war hero Zura Varta now finds herself governing dozens of colonies full of irritating humans.

Zura’s people are dwindling toward extinction. To stave off oblivion, Palani geneticists are creating a generation of Human/Palani hybrids. But those that are ‘too human’ are abandoned; only a lucky few are adopted, like Zura’s daughter Yaella.

Now, hybrid children are being abducted. For impulsive Yaella, finding and rescuing her hybrid ‘family’ gives her the purpose she’s been looking for.

For resolute Zura, the fate of a few hundred children is trivial compared to a widening political crisis that threatens the lives of millions.

Mother and daughter are both headed into uncharted territory. They’ll need to find people they can trust. They’ll need to make Alliances.

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