Alpha Bear’s Fated Mate by Sheena Silva

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Alpha Bear’s Fated Mate by Sheena Silva (Arctic Polar Bear Protectors Book 1)
English | 2020 | Romance | ePUB | 1.3 MB

She was taken because I couldn’t protect her.
But I’ll get her back because killing her… means killing me.
Missy is my fated mate.
She’s human… or so I thought at the time.
As an Alpha Bear, my clan means everything to me.
It’s what led me to move away from the Arctic.
And that’s when I ran into Missy.
A sweet little delicate girl living alone in Alaska.
She’s a reporter. A normal human being.
The kind I’m forbidden to be with.
My father will do everything to tear us apart.
But he’s not the only enemy.
I’m being hunted down.
My life is at risk.
And Missy is now in danger because of me.
The enemies know that she’s my weakness.
If she dies, then I die too.
But it’s not just our lives that are at stake.
This nightmare will reveal some cold secrets.
Will those secrets be worse than death itself?

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