Alt Control Save by Kody Boye

Alt Control Save

Alt Control Save by Kody Boye (Kingsman Online #2)
English | 2019 |Sci / Fi | ePUB | 376 Kb

Alt Control Save : My victory over Kingsman Online’s annual Dystopia regionals have come at a cost. Leon’s been trapped in the game, and it seems like there’s nothing I can do to help him.

With an ailing mother and little brother waiting for me, I return home and count down the days for Rudolph Kingsman and his band of scientists to try and get Leon out.

The only thing is: I know there’s something wrong. Given Kingsman Online’s nefarious actions, there seems to be any number of things they can do to drastically alter my life.

Then I get the call.

The only way to save Leon is to return to the very game that nearly killed me and has potentially cost my friend his life.

“Yes. Two.” Rudolph Kingsman leans back in his seat and considers me for several long moments. “First: there is the matter of your payment.”

He reaches into a nearby drawer and withdraws from its depths a single box that appears to be secured with a fingerprint scanner. My assumption proves to be correct. Within moments he presses his thumb to a small panel, watching a blue light as it scans his digit.

The box clicks.

After opening it, he spins it toward me.

Revealed within is a single card—onyx in color with silver trim.

I can’t believe my eyes. “It’s a—”

“Continental Card,” he confirms. “Most specifically: a black card.”

I could’ve never imagined seeing one of these in person, let alone possessing one. It is the card of the elite, the rich, the famous, the absolutely wealthy, and though it contains exactly half of our one-million dollar wins upon its magnetized edge, what startles me is not the color of the card.


It is the name, emblazoned and embossed in silver, upon its surface.

My name.

Sophia Garza.”

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