Amazing Recipes with 5 Ingredients by Sharon Powell

 Amazing Recipes with 5 Ingredients

Amazing Recipes with 5 Ingredients: Less the Ingredients, More the Taste! by Sharon Powell
English | 2021 | Non-Fiction > Food & Drink| ePUB | 16 MB

This is a fantastic and unique cookbook with quick and regular ingredients. You don’t have to go miles to gather the ingredients, and the time required is so less that you don’t have to worry anymore. The cookbook includes a wide range of recipes ranging from mouth-watering drinks to heavy meals to make your health better. The recipes meet all the criteria to satisfy your taste buds.
The easy and detailed recipes can be made quickly and easily. You will get a detailed description of each recipe and its ingredients, which will help you to prepare the best meal. Increase the amount of the ingredients proportionately to prepare amazing drinks, desserts, starters, and main course meals for any kind of parties or small gatherings. People will wonder the way you manage to bring so many variations with few ingredients!

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