America Invaded by Jeff Kirkham

 America Invaded

America Invaded: A Black Autumn Saga (White Wasteland Series Book 3) by Jeff Kirkham, Jason Ross
English | 2021|Sci – Fi| ePUB |7 MB

Jeff Kirkham served almost 29 years as a Green Beret doing multiple classified operations for the US government. He is the proverbial brains behind ReadyMan’s survival tools and products and is also the inventor of the Rapid Application Tourniquet (RATS). Jeff has graduated from numerous training schools and accumulated over 8 years “boots on the ground” in combat zones, making him an expert in surviving in war torn environments. He spent the majority of the last decade as a member of a counter terrorist unit, working in combat zones doing a wide variety of operations in support of the global war on terror. Jeff spends his time, tinkering, inventing, writing and helping his immigrant Afghan friends, who fought side by side with Jeff. His true passion is his family and spending quality time with his wife and three children.

Jason Ross has been a hunter, fisherman, shooter and preparedness aficionado since childhood and has spent tens of thousands of hours roughing it in the great American outdoors. He’s an accomplished big game hunter, fly fisherman, an Ironman triathlete, SCUBA instructor, and frequent business mentor to U.S. military veterans. He retired from a career in entrepreneurialism at forty-one years of age after founding and selling several successful business ventures.

How deep does loyalty run between father and son when they shake out on opposite sides of apocalyptic, civil war?

As winter blocks the mountain passes during the Black Autumn apocalypse, the conquering forces of the Mexican drug cartel occupy and enslave the population of Flagstaff, Arizona. Ex-mercenary, Green Beret, Bill McCallister plays the shrewd kingmaker while his adopted son, Noah Miller, fights and bleeds for the American partisans, opposite his own father. The ties between father and son strain to the breaking point as ever more powerful weapons find their way onto the desert battlefields of armageddon: Abrams tanks, A-10 Warthog jets, and finally a tactical nuclear warhead.

When convictions collide, can the love of a father and a son withstand the maelstrom of war?

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