American Dragons series Box Set (1-3) by Aaron Crash

American Dragons

American Dragons series Box Set by Aaron Crash (#1-3)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.1 Mb

American Dragons : The first three parts of American Dragons series are included in this box set.

1. Denver Fury
Gather an escort. Acquire a dragon hoard. Build an empire …

Steven Whipp, a normal, poor college student, is kissed and shot on the night of his twentieth birthday. He realizes three things: he’s bulletproof, he’s a dragon, and everything he’s ever wanted is within his reach. But the attempts on his life are just the beginning of his troubles.

Steven is a Dragonsoul—a magical race of beings who have thrived, hidden from the eyes of humans, in control of the world. And not just any Dragonsoul, but the last in a long line of Arch-Sorcerers, thought long dead. Now he is being hunted, and he must unlock his powers through battle and sex or ancient forces and old feuds will destroy him and all he loves.

2. Cheyenne Magic
Gather an escort. Acquire a dragon hoard. Build an empire …

Steven Drokharis knew that embracing his destiny as one of the most powerful Dragonsouls to ever live would be difficult, but he had no idea that he’d be pushed to his very limits.

Ten days after rescuing Aria and ending the life of an insane Dragonskin, Steven and his escort find themselves going toe-to-toe with Rhaegen Mulk—the deadly Dragonsoul responsible for the death of Steven’s parents. And Rhaegen Mulk doesn’t fight fair. He will pull out all the stops to end Steven before he can grow his escort and establish a primacy of his own. If Steven is going to win, he’ll need to level up his skills as a Dragonsoul, discover the next volume of forbidden Drokharis magic, and make friends with an ancient, half-mad Dragonsoul, who may be even more dangerous than Mulk. Now it’s time to hit back. Hard. Mulk and his lackeys are about to learn an important lesson: Steven doesn’t fight fair either …

3. Montana Firestorm
Gather an escort. Acquire a dragon hoard. Build an empire …

Steven Drokharis finally has his own Primacy, and he will stop at nothing to defend it. Luckily, Steven has a new Magician in his Escort, and she’s as beautiful as she is powerful. And yet, they are still on a journey of vengeance: his now dead enemy, Rhaegen Mulk, wasn’t working alone. At the same time, Mouse wants her own form of vengeance against the Prime who now rules the Rocky Mountains. That’s a whole lotta hate, and Steven and his Escort need to unlock the forbidden magic if they hope to stand against a world of dragons trying to destroy them.

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