Amie In Africa series Box Set (1-3) by Lucinda E Clarke

Amie In Africa series

Amie In Africa series Box Set by Lucinda E Clarke (#1-3)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.0 Mb

Amie In Africa series : The first three thrilling, exciting, page-turning books in the Amie in Africa series: Amie African Adventure, Amie and the Child of Africa, Amie Stolen Future. This best-selling, multiple award-winning series will take you to Africa and leave you breathless. Reviewed as the new Wilbur Smith, Amie is a modern-day heroine confronted by a different world which forces her to change both her attitude and her behavior. Believable characters, fantastic settings, and an outstanding story. This is a very special book which should find its way onto everyone’s bookshelf.

1. Amie African Adventure
Would you leave your family and friends and follow your husband to start a new life in Africa?

Amie did and lived to regret it. Just an ordinary girl, living in an ordinary town, with nothing but ordinary ambitions, Amie is plunged into danger when her husband is posted to a country she’s never heard of. As she adapts to a different environment, events overtake her and land her in more trouble than she could ever have imagined.

At the outbreak of the civil war, as the last plane evacuating the expats takes off, Amie is left behind. Now she’s alone with no one to help her. She’d worked for the government so by chance she was allied to the losing side and the new regime is out to find her. Her husband has a secret he’s not told her which further puts her life at risk.

Now she only has her wits to protect her against the men who would kill her and the predatory wild animals in the African bush.

2. Amie and the Child of Africa
Amie sets out to rescue the foster child she lost during the civil war, but she has no idea of the dangers she will face.

She finds herself alone in the bush with only her wits to protect her against Africa’s wildlife. She has yet to discover she will be up against a radical and ruthless terrorist organisation with international connections.

Then her husband Jonathon disappears.

She meets up with old friends and new, but one of them will betray her and lead them all into danger. Who can she trust? The witchdoctor predicts her future, but can Amie believe what she says?

From naïve, newly-married housewife, Amie faces challenges and dangers that change her beliefs and behaviour beyond all recognition.

3. Amie Stolen Future
Amie returns to her beloved Africa and a settled life, but her enemies have neither forgiven nor forgotten her. They are determined to take their revenge and reclaim their honour.

The horrific events of one night change everything as Amie loses her husband, her home, her friends and even her name. She never expected to stand and watch as they lowered her body into the grave.

She no longer exists and those who are now controlling her make it clear: she either obeys or she dies.


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