Among Enemies by Evan Currie

 Among Enemies

Among Enemies (On Silver Wings Book 9) by Evan Currie
English | 2021| Sci – Fi |ePUB| 7 MB

Evan is a Canadian author who has been writing both original and fan fiction works for more than a decade, and finally decided to make the jump to self-publishing with his techno-thriller “Thermals.” Since then Evan has turned out novels in the Silver Wings series, the Odyssey One series, and the first book in an alternate history series set during the height of the Roman Era. From ancient Rome to the far flung future, Evan enjoys exploring the possibilities inherent when you change technology or culture.

For Sorilla Aida, the war has been ongoing. Peace was called, officially, but in the shadows her battles continued. The Alliance and SOLCOM are ready to call an end to it all now, but no one has yet been able to tell her why. Why the fighting began, why her allies, and enemies alike, died. Not even why it was over. She had to know, or at least she had to try to find out. This would be her last mission, with or without SOLCOM’s support, Sorilla was going to do the best she could to finally answer her questions.

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