An Accidental Life by Chelsea Cannon

An Accidental Life

An Accidental Life by Chelsea Cannon
English | 2020 | General Fiction| ePUB |1.5 MB

In the 1970s, William Hill asks seventeen-year-old Margaret Wilcox from Saratoga Springs to marry him. With no alternatives in sight, Margaret says yes to a life modeled on the pattern created by the women before her. Fifteen years later, the opportunity to dabble in her repressed aspirations leads her to take on a secret identity and explore the life that might have been. Margaret is soon tangled up in her double life more than she expected and finds herself trapped in a dead end from which she can no longer escape. The truth, which could set her free, keeps eluding her as someone else is receiving the clues she needs to see the full picture. As the betrayals pile up and the secrets unravel, Margaret finds herself now a middle-aged woman with a choice to make: own her life, or stay hidden behind a wall of social expectations.An Accidental Life is an enticing novel exploring how well we know ourselves and others. It raises thought-provoking questions around identity, truth, and commitment, in a highly readable and relatable way. It is straightforward, unapologetic and oh so human.

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