An American in Paris by Siobhan Curham

An American in Paris

An American in Paris by Siobhan Curham
English | 2021 |General Fiction/Classics| ePUB | 2.9 MB.

Paris, 1940: Walking through Montmartre that morning, arm in arm, we saw soldiers spreading through the streets like a toxic grey vapour. ‘You must write about this,’ he whispered to me. ‘You must write about the day freedom left Paris.’

As Nazi troops occupy Paris, American journalist Florence is determined to save her adopted home and the man she loves.

Florence arrived in the city in 1937 on a beautiful summer’s day, with dreams of adventure, and fell in love with Otto, an artist with the most beautiful smile she had ever seen. Otto left his homeland to escape persecution, but now, as swastikas are draped along the city’s wide boulevards, everything he was running from has caught up with him.

Florence and Otto begin work with the Resistance to sabotage the Germans right under their noses. Florence’s society columns now document life with food shortages, curfews and constant fear, and contain hidden coded messages for the Allies. While Otto pins up the anti-Nazi posters he designs by candlelight in their tiny apartment, knowing he would be shot on sight if caught.

But with every passing day, Paris becomes more dangerous and the fight for freedom seems more hopeless than ever. When Otto is arrested and imprisoned, Florence feels she might finally be beaten, until she is offered a secret mission to help turn the tide of the war in Europe. If she accepts, she has a chance of saving Otto. But she could also lose her own life in the attempt…

A sweeping wartime story of the enduring power of love, the devastating cruelty of war and resilience of the human spirit. This is a novel that will capture your heart and never let it go. Fans of The Alice Network, The Lost Girls of Paris and The Nightingale will be absolutely gripped from the very first page.

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