An Elemental Witch by R D Martin

An Elemental Witch

An Elemental Witch by R D Martin (Bella Flores Urban Fantasy Book 1)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Gifted with unwanted magic. Burdened by tragic secrets. Will she risk her normal, safe life to save an innocent girl?
Working as a corporate drone can be soul crushing, but if anyone learns Bella is a witch, she could lose her head too. She has always been able to walk the line between the mystic and mundane while keeping her head down, but when something supernatural invades her building and kidnaps a child, she’ll have to risk everything to rescue the girl and protect her secret. Plunging into the hidden world of magic, she will face trolls, shape changing monsters, Demon spawn and the mother of monsters. Will she have the strength to fight creatures straight out of mythology, or will she fail, dooming them both to an evil fate?

“Coming,” Bella yelled. “I’m coming.”

Setting the newspaper on the table, she stood and, with a last glance at the paper, wound her way through her apartment to the front door. Just as well. The only things in the news anymore were stories of mayhem, murder, and the general downfall of humanity. Publishers even devoted the front page of the paper to another missing child, the second one reported this week.

The pounding from the other side of the door grew more incessant as she approached.

“Okay, okay. I’m here.”

Opening the door, she stumbled back as a woman pushed her way in and brushed her aside.

“Great, you’re home,” the intruder said with a tone implying the audacity of making her wait at the door was a sin.

“He… Heather. Hi. What can I do for you?” The question was perfunctory, and she could have guessed the answer. Even though she was taller than her neighbor, Bella felt shorter than the enormous attitude spilling off the woman. It was high school all over again and she was a geek confronted by the popular girl.

“Oh, Bella.” Heather looked around the apartment. “Can’t you fix this place up? I always feel like I’m walking into my mother’s house when I come over.”

“I’m sorry?” Bella wasn’t sure if it was meant to be an answer or a question, but it seemed to be the only reasonable response. Before she could decide on a more appropriate one, though, like asking her not to come over, she was distracted by the high-pitched voice of her neighbor’s daughter, Samantha.

“Bella!” The warmth in the voice alone was enough to change dealing with her neighbor from a nightmare into merely an annoying chore.

“Hey, Sam,” she said, bending to give the child a hug. Samantha’s presence in the room only meant one thing and, as if on cue, her neighbor dropped the hammer.

“Oh yes. I need you to watch Samantha tonight.”


“Here’s her backpack. It has her pajamas and a change for tomorrow. I think she left her toothbrush here last time, too.”

“No, she—”

“Well, never mind. I’m sure you have a spare around. She still needs dinner, but keep her away from carbs. She’s starting to get a bit… Anyway, just make sure she has a salad.”

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