Anghellic by Shayne Silvers


Anghellic by Shayne Silvers (Feathers and Fire #8)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.1 MB

Shayne Silvers is a man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery. In other words, a storyteller.

Blasphemy is a victimless crime…
Callie Penrose has taken over Castle Dracula all for herself, finally feeling like she has time to take a breath and relax.
But the forces of Heaven and Hell have other plans. Callie quickly learns that removing her mother’s protection of binding Excalibur to her soul had very serious consequences.
Namely, that it unleashed the Seven Deadly Sins on Kansas City. But they aren’t in town for mayhem—not directly.
They came for a wedding. And a very dark prophecy that could bring the age-old Angel War to the streets of the City of Fountains.
But it’s hard to focus on fighting when Hell is trying to fit her with a wedding dress…
But that is only the least of her concerns, because her mother kept secrets that could rock the Pillars of Heaven and rattle the Foundations of Hell.
The only problem is that her mother was so scared to share it, she didn’t write it down anywhere.
And that might just signal the end for Callie Penrose…

“It’s fucking December,” I muttered as I stared down the dark street. It was the only place still open at this time of night; the rest of the buildings in the area consisted of office space. I quickly tugged up my hood as a mother corralled a troop of giggling eight or nine-year-old Girl Scouts out of the ice cream shop. They began walking straight towards me, whispering to each other conspiratorially. I narrowed my eyes suspiciously, glaring at them from beneath my hood as I relaxed my hands, preparing for an attack. Which one of them was the demon? I swiveled one boot on my heel in an arc so that my toes swept over all of them. My boots tingled when they pointed at demons.

I relaxed, realizing the Girl Scouts were not demonic.

That’s when I heard the distinctive sound of a pistol cocking. The Girl Scouts bolted behind a nearby minivan parked on the street, moving in perfect formation—like a military unit. I slowly raised my hands in clear view as I looked up to see the mother now pointing a pistol at me; her face was as calm as a winter pond. A quick once over showed me she was in her early thirties, wore a blue Royals baseball cap, an open jean jacket, and a t-shirt underneath that said I love vegans. Especially when they’re cooked medium rare. I bit my lip so as to not burst out laughing, because she looked like the kinda gal who had been waiting her whole life to justifiably pump a dangerous criminal full of lead.

“Keep your eyes to yourself, freak,” she said, keeping the pistol trained on me as she unlocked the van. “Get in, girls. Now. On the double!”

Jesus. They really were trained soldiers. “Misunderstanding,” I assured her. “A young girl stole my niece’s backpack and ran this way,” I lied, letting a little emotion into my voice. “It had her brand-new laptop inside, and…I don’t have the money to get her a new one.”

The momster’s outrage faltered…slightly. “Well, I haven’t seen any girls run by here. We were eating ice cream,” she said, barely shifting her chin to indicate the nearby shop. Her eyes never left me, and her pistol remained steady. She saw me eyeing the weapon and lowered it from my face, still keeping it trained on my lower body as a precaution. Definitely trained. “Strange times,” she explained. “You should get going.”

I nodded slowly, keeping my hands up as I side-stepped away from her. She turned with me, keeping the pistol between us until I was a safe distance away. Then she climbed into her minivan and was driving away in less than five seconds—at a reasonable speed rather than peeling out in fear.

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