Angular Momentum by Nicola Claire

Angular Momentum

Angular Momentum by Nicola Claire (The Sector Files, #1)
English | 2021| Sci – Fi |ePUB| 7.2 MB

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It’s not easy being me.
In a galaxy filled to the brim with narcissistic biologicals, being an artificial intelligence with a conscience isn’t a meteor shower or anything.
But I had a good teacher. And my experiences have taught me many things. So, when given the option to either sit on the sideline and watch as things unravelled all around me, or leave the only family I have ever known and loved and do something about it, I chose to be a hero.
Of course, I didn’t count on a lurid red spaceship that looks like a downtrodden dog, or the seedy, backstabbing arms dealer in the galaxy’s crappiest black market, or the Synthetic Hunter who didn’t like that I had broken into one of its masters’ supply caches and stole a whole bunch of stuff.
Sometimes being a hero sucks.
Sometimes, it hurts.

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