Annex by Dennis Vanderkerken, Dakota Krout


Annex by Dennis Vanderkerken, Dakota Krout : A Divine Dungeon Series (Artorian’s Archives Book 3)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Hello! I’m Dennis, but feel free to call me Floof! (Culprit of nickname: The ever-unmanageable fluff on my head.) I’m from Belgium, but have lived in the USA since 2001. English is my fourth language, and that makes things very interesting when I am putting words together into books.

Headmaster. Exile. Gladiator.
Backed into a corner, Artorian must play fast and loose with the laws of the land. To gather what he needs to progress, he will need to sacrifice what he’s gained in order to get this far.
With his new school and friends facing their most deadly challenges yet, Artorian finds an opportunity to keep them safe. The cost of it may be access to the new home he’s built, but that was never intended to be for him.
When he can ensure their safety, Artorian will begin pursuit of his grandchildren once more. If he finds them, will they want to be saved… or will they have found a taste for the darker powers they have accrued? It’s time to make the hard choices.
Death or graduation.

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