Annihilation! by Joshua James, Daniel Young


Annihilation! (Outcast Starship Book 1) by Joshua James, Daniel Young
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 3.6 MB

A disgraced captain. An alien invasion. One last shot at redemption.

When Eli Bryce stumbles upon a plot to attack Earth, he shrugs it off. He’s not in the Earth-saving business.

Two decades after he was banished from his homeworld for a disaster that still haunts him, Eli and his crew of misfits struggle to survive on the outskirts of the galaxy.

But when Eli, goaded by his estranged daughter, rescues a near-dead castaway with an impossible secret, everything changes.

Eli might have no choice but to get back into the Earth-saving business.

Worse, he might have to grow a conscience.

“That’s trouble,” Eli whispered to himself as he peered through his specs at the valley below. He patted his hip where his laser pistol should be, then cursed himself. He’d left it on the ship. Of course. Eli always expected the worst. It was the follow-through that tripped him up.

Like the other three in the landing party, he was on his stomach in the dirt, pressed up against a small outcropping. The sky above was a ruddy shade of gray. He’d felt relatively well hidden until a moment ago, when the full scale of what he was seeing below began to dawn on him.

Millions of spherical objects were lined up in rows as far as he could see. They looked like giant bugs with round, squat heads that dwarfed the rocks and thin vegetation. Their long, bulbous shadows extended across the valley floor. They were arranged in a concentric pattern around what appeared to be a curved amphitheater. Inside it was a large array of electronic equipment that was pulsing with light and energy.

“They look like Socalon ships,” Eli said to the others. “They’re the only race close enough to penetrate this sector of space.”

“Are they mechanical or organic?” Jood asked.

Eli lowered his specs and glanced at the alien. He could practically see the wheels turning in his squarish orange head. “You tell me, Jood.” The Xynnar’s actual name was unpronounceable, but Jood was as close as anything.

“Those pivoting devices on their sides appear to be some kind of weapons system,” Jood said.

Eli looked again. Maybe. Even with specs, his vision couldn’t match his alien friend’s.

Eli’s daughter, Quinn, was on his other side. “Where did they all come from?” she breathed.

That was a good question, Eli thought. A better question was, how fast can we get away from here?

“Damn, they’re ugly,” the final member of the party growled from a couple of steps away. Waylon was up on one knee and far too exposed. He had a laser pistol in his meaty hand that he was using to scratch his chin. Waylon was always ready for trouble, which was good, since he was always starting it.

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