Annihilation Zone by Peter Mark May

Annihilation Zone

Annihilation Zone (Anno Zombie) Book 2) by Peter Mark May
English | 2021| Fantasy | ePUB | 7.8 MB

Tom Hollinger is back in uniform, helping to rebuild his country following his escape from the zombie-infested Arizona. But his country has other plans for him, and he is sent on a secret mission to Cairo to find the source of the Anno Zombie outbreak a year ago.Leading a band of NATO forces, he heads into the fog-shrouded city to try and find his old commanding officer and the deadly secret to the zombie outbreak. In the ancient city, he finds that the undead hoards are the least of his worries. There is a traitor in his midst, hell-bent on the mission failing. All Tom wants to do is end the zombie menace and get back to his new wife and child once and for all.

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