Anonymity by John Nicholl


Anonymity by John Nicholl (DI Gravel #4)
English | 2018 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.9 MB

When Mia, a successful novelist, is targeted by a stalker, her life begins to unravel.
Unaware that the predatory psychopath has placed cameras in her home, the stalker sends untraceable emails, including photos of her and her four-year-old daughter, demanding Mia performs outlandish tasks, threatening dire consequences if she refuses or approaches the police.
As the pressure builds, Adam, Mia’s sister’s boyfriend, offers to accompany her to stay in Italy with her parents. But when the villa is burnt down, Mia fears the stalker has followed her and decides to return to Wales.
Meanwhile, the police are investigating the murder of three women in the area, and when DI Gravel’s daughter is threatened, he takes matters into his own hands.
With his health failing and his career coming to an end, just how far will Gravel go to protect his daughter and catch a vicious killer?

The man relaxed back in his seat, his chest rising and falling as he wiped himself with a paper tissue. He refastened his trousers and watched as Mia stepped out of the glass cubicle and began drying herself with a large, fluffy, blue bath towel taken from the stainless steel rail next to the bidet. He continued watching her every movement for another five minutes as she dressed casually, but he lost sight of her as she stepped out of the room. He waited with increasing frustration as she crossed the small landing, unseen by him, and he sighed with almost overwhelming relief as she reappeared on a monitor to his left on entering her bedroom at the front of the house. He tilted his head at a slight angle and licked his top lip slowly with the tip of his tongue as she sat at the dressing table and began brushing her long auburn hair. Maybe he should install additional cameras on the landing and in the hallway. He’d covered the bathroom, her bedroom, the lounge and kitchen. Why not those rooms too? Yes, yes, it seemed so obvious now that he thought about it. And perhaps in the little girl’s room as well. Yes, of course, he should. He had the equipment. He had the skills and inclination. What the hell was wrong with him? He must be tired, jaded, in need of rest. Learn from experience, for goodness’ sake. He really should have considered it before.

The man switched off the monitors with the click of a dark-green button and reached for his laptop, cursing what he considered a frustratingly slow wi-fi connection until the desired page finally appeared only seconds later. He stared at the screen with keen eyes and punched the air in silent triumph. She’d done it. She’d only fucking well done it. There it was before his eyes, a declaration of love and affection emblazoned in bold white capitals on a pink background decorated with multiple hearts of various sizes! Just as he’d asked of her. Exactly as he’d instructed. She loved him. That’s what it said. She really did love him. It was meant to be, written in the stars, as sure as night and day. And thousands had seen it already. More than even he had hoped. There were hundreds of likes, many shares and various enthusiastic comments: who do you love, Mia? Who’s your number one fan? Is it me? They went on and on.

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