Aphrodite’s Tears by Andrew Vaillencourt


Aphrodite’s Tears by Andrew Vaillencourt (The Fixer Book 4)
English | 2018 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 548 Kb

Aphrodite’s : Roland Tankowicz hates Venus.

The last time he went there, he died. So, no one could really blame him if he never went back.

Nevertheless, when a squad of Venusian assassins ruins date night, everybody’s least-favorite Army-surplus cyborg decides to take a trip to Earth’s sister planet and have a sit-down with an infamous group of terrorists.

Perhaps it’s because he really likes date night. Maybe he just wants to keep the promise he once made to a troubled young man. It is even conceivable that he might still have a heap of unresolved issues with the separatists who blew his body apart years ago. For whatever reason, the big man and his motley crew of misfits strap on their guns and hurl themselves into the murky world of interplanetary terrorism.

To his dismay, Roland discovers that Venus has changed since his last visit. The black-and-white politics of the fanatics and governments he remembers have now merged into complicated shades of gray. Cyborg killers walk the halls without fear, and the soldiers stationed there seem no better than the thugs they fight. The sweltering underworld of Venus holds terrors and trials that will test the old soldier in ways he is not prepared for, while a crafty assassin stalks them all from shadows both real and imagined.

The team must to walk a narrow path between terrorists, soldiers, and their own dark pasts if they expect to get out of this one alive. Is The Fixer strong enough to pull an entire population from the ashes of civil war?

If he isn’t, they may all drown in a flood of:

“Somebody,” he growled, “is going to have to answer for my ruined shirt.” He turned to assess the remaining six men. They stood in the alleyway, hunched against the slick walls with guns in their shaking hands. Their black workman’s coveralls were sodden and clinging to their bodies, black hoods pulled low to cast deep shadows over their faces. Roland needed very little light to see, so the effect was wasted on him. It was yet another deficiency in what should have been a textbook hit, if not for a single fatal flaw in the execution. These obviously professional killers had thought they were hunting a man. Their weapons were concealable yet lethal. They had picked an ambush point that was private and had only one exit. They had struck with accurate fire from more than one direction. If Roland had been anything other than what he was, it would have been a perfect assassination. Roland, however, was exactly what he had been made to be. Thus, it followed that the little squad of hitters was about to suffer a slew of career-ending injuries.

The location of the ambush, selected so carefully to keep the ambush-ee from escaping, now served the same purpose against the ambushers. There was only one way out of the alley, and Roland was blocking it. Charitable individuals might choose this moment to point out that this situation was entirely unfair. There was no way this squad of assassins could have known that their target was the sole surviving member of a top-secret warfighter enhancement project.”


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