Arisen (The Shards of Etherious #1)


Frost by Eric J. Hull, C. M. Stultz (The Pendulum #3)
English | 2021| Fantasy | ePUB | 2.0 MB

For too long the battlefield has denied my soul, and Strothheim beckons. In these hours of my final judgment, I stand on the precipice of victory, one that will purchase my lord’s transcendence. Khyber, God of the sword and shield, will break the shackles of the mortal realm and take his rightful place in the afterlife, joining the Ethereal Battle. All I need do is slay a goddess and all her mortal children.

So I ride to assassinate an ally. This will be my legacy. This gamble that I cannot lose, for the price of failure is too high. Once I strike the death blow, Khyber’s remaining allies will know. And they will come for us. Three gods, each with a nation at their backs and vengeance in their hearts. If Khyber doesn’t claim the Mother Tree’s soul, the ascendancy war will destroy all I love. My nation will burn. My people will fall, and there will be nothing I can do to stop it.

I swear, by all the gods, that no ascendant shall sway me from this course. And should all the demons and Arisen that wander the mortal plane be arrayed before me, I will carve a bloody path through and secure my lord’s dominion. My crimes are unforgivable, but I am no traitor. For I am Rodrick Corwyn, Khyber’s servant, his right hand, his Avatar, his Wrath.

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