Arms of Grace by Eleanor Chance

Arms of Grace

Arms of Grace by Eleanor Chance
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB |602 Kb

Arms of Grace: Grace Ward’s sterile existence is thrown into chaos when an unconscious baby is abandoned at her hospital during a hurricane. From the instant a mysterious couple thrusts the infant into her arms and disappears, Grace’s life is transformed.
She names the baby Johnny. His identity is shrouded in secrecy, and even with a trained staff treating him, Johnny’s life hangs in the balance. As Grace grows more devoted to him, major events threaten their bond and his life. A deadly infection sweeps through the hospital, Johnny’s mysterious origins affect his future, and Grace’s personal life grows increasingly complex.
When Johnny’s prognosis creates an ideological chasm that leaves the hospital staff on opposing sides, Grace refuses to bow to the mounting pressure that could destroy her career and even her life.
Her promise to rescue Johnny is the beginning of a journey to heal the scars of her past and create the bright future they both deserve. What will Grace risk to keep that promise?

“The man ignored me and yanked on the woman’s arm. She tried to fight him off with one hand and grabbed the child’s foot with her other hand. She looked to me for help with anguish in her eyes, and I wondered why she refused to leave some random infant. The man grabbed her wrist and dragged her toward the entrance. He gave her a shove, and they disappeared through the curtain of pelting rain.

I tore my eyes from the scene and rushed the baby to the nearest trauma room. I laid him on a gurney and studied him for the first time. He was blue and unconscious, taking shallow, choking breaths. A swollen bruise covered the left side of his forehead. I examined his body for other superficial injuries but found none. I estimated his age at about six months. Doctors and nurses came flooding in from all directions and crowded around the gurney.

As I removed my little patient’s wet clothing, I described the scene from the waiting room. The attending physician took his place, and I stepped back to let his team work. He fired questions at me without looking up. I recounted what little I knew.

“Go ask Amanda if she has any more information, and hurry,” he said as I ran out of the room.”

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