Arrow of Justice by Morgan Díaz

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Arrow of Justice by Morgan Díaz (Book 1 of the Vindication 2.0 LitRPG Universe)
English | 2020| Sci-Fi| ePUB | 1.3 MB

Rehabilitation or nightmare? For Adria, Vindication 2.0 is both.
Redemption. A government program designed to help rehabilitate convicts whose crimes are suitable for alternative forms of punishment.
A family curse. The sins of Adria’s father haunt her, driving her to violence – and then to Vindication 2.0. Her consciousness is transported into the virtual reality world, into a game she’s played before. But playing it through a screen is nothing like being inside the game.
The world of Vindication is not the same one she knew from her childhood. One hundred years have passed, empires have risen and fallen, and everyone thinks the Val are gone.
In order to survive, Adria forms an unlikely alliance with an elf and the feared and misunderstood wraiths. The trials she faces challenge not only her ability as a player, but her understanding of friendship and loyalty.

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