As Fire is to Gold by Mark McCabe

As Fire is to Gold

As Fire is to Gold: The Complete Chronicles of the Ilaroi by Mark McCabe (#1-2)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 860 Kb

As Fire is to Gold : A desperate flight set against the rich tapestry of a world slowly descending into chaos. A struggle for supremacy amongst Ilythia’s guardian wizards while nations teeter on the brink of war. A chase for the ages that will keep you glued to the page. This is epic fantasy at its most enthralling. A page-turner that will draw you in and keep you reading into the wee hours.

Accept Your Fate Or Start a Fight That Is Doomed to Fail? When Sara is kidnapped and brought to Ilythia to serve the megalomaniacal interests of a renegade mage, the whole world shifts on its axis. Pursued by the mage’s allies and with little hope of avoiding recapture, she finds herself alone, with nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide and no one to turn to. Her fate seems certain — unless she can somehow contact one of the other Guardian wizards, both of whom are now engaged in a fight to the death with their former colleague. As the flames of war begin to consume the region through which they must travel, and with malevolent forces hot on their trail, the net slowly closes in on Sara and the young lad who befriends her. And what of Algaria? With their unprepared army in full retreat and a murderous foe leaving a bloody trail of death and destruction in their wake as they sweep across the land, the walls of their capital will soon be all that stands between them and their seemingly inevitable fate. But did the mage get more than he bargained for when he chose Sara to be his innocent victim? The fate of Algaria, indeed of all Ilythia, will depend on this one girl and her desperate struggle for survival. Avoiding Capture is One Thing, Fighting Back Is Something Altogether Different.

– This includes both As Fire is to Gold & When All the Leaves Have Fallen that were released separately before.

“Sara was frantic. She tried to scream through the gag and desperately wriggled and struggled, but whoever they were, and she could tell that there were at least two of them, they were quick and strong, and they knew what they were doing.

If it hadn’t been for the gag, her screams would have been heard a block away. Even as it was, her muffled cries had a clear and instant effect. Someone moved to straddle her waist, sitting astride her lower back. Her heart skipped a beat then as she felt her head yanked back. The person behind her had grabbed her ponytail so violently she arched up from the bed like a bow. Her hair felt like it was being wrenched right out of her scalp and she wondered if they intended to snap her neck. She knew it couldn’t possibly stretch any further. Then she felt hot breath against the side of her face as a strange voice came out of the darkness.

“Stop struggling and be very quiet or I’ll bleed you here and now little hu-maan. I’ll slit that pretty throat of yours and let your blood pump out right here, trussed up like a pig for the Winterfest as you are.” It was a male voice with a thick accent. He was whispering right in her ear, so close to her neck she could smell his breath. Indeterminate odours wafted across her face. As he spoke, she felt what must have been a knife, cold and hard, pressing against her throat.”

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