Ascending Mage 4 Nothing Broken by Frank Hurt

Ascending Mage

Ascending Mage 4 Nothing Broken by Frank Hurt : A Modern Fantasy Thriller
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 408 Kb

Ascending Mage : Her changeling friends are imprisoned. To free them, she’ll have to break the laws of magic.
Ember Wright managed to save her friends’ lives, only to see them locked up and tormented. With each passing day, the changelings weaken and submit to their interrogators. Secrets start to slip.
Running out of options and allies, Ember turns to an ancient, forbidden form of advanced magic. Her reluctant teacher’s warning echoes in her head: almost all mages who attempt the spell become corrupted by it.
Complicating matters, her overbearing mother decides to come visit—in the middle of a crisis. What could possibly go wrong?
As though an answer to Ember’s desperate prayers, an otherworldly force reveals itself. Will this new power be her greatest weapon? Or will it be her ultimate undoing?

“The Viceroy’s Buick pulled into the parking space nearest the building, its front tires stopping against the blue-painted curb before a sign featuring a wheelchair insignia. The passenger door opened, and William Roth emerged.

Elton tossed the mostly full cup of coffee into the trash can and began to follow the others. He hesitated at the door, glancing up at the spider and the prey she was wrapping. He reached a hand up and closed it around the spider and the moth, crushing both in his grip.

“Welcome back, Will,” Curtis said. “How was your trip to Malvern Hills?”

“Productive. Much more productive than the mess someone created for me in North Dakota.” The Viceroy opened the back door of the sedan, retrieving a briefcase. He said to his bearded driver, “It might be awhile. Wait here.”

“I’ve got my crosswords,” the driver replied.

Elton stood beneath a lamp post, wiping spider guts and silk from his hand with a dampened paper towel. He flashed a toothy shark grin. “You’ve got a driver now, Will? Your time in England got you acclimated to the finer things in life?”

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