Ascent of Darkness and Ruin by Meg Cowley

 Ascent of Darkness and Ruin b

Ascent of Darkness and Ruin (Tales of Tir-na-Alathea: Darkness of the Living Forest Book 2) Kindle Edition by Meg Cowley
English | 2021 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

I’m Meg Cowley, USA Today bestselling fantasy author. I live in Yorkshire, England with my husband, son, and our two cats, Jet and Pixie. I love everything fantasy, magic, and dragons, and have been a writer and artist since I could pick up a pencil.

The deadly blight spreads. The Order of Valxiron resurfaces. The Dark One of Altarea will rise anew.
In the heart of Tir-na-Alathea, Aedon and Lief finally make it to the sanctuary of the Queen’s court. But Queen Solanaceae is not the benevolent ruler Lief hoped for, and she is not willing to forgive or forget Aedon’s transgressions.
The hint of dark magic daring to venture into her realm incenses Solanaceae. Thrust into peril once more, duty binds Aedon and Lief to the Queen of the woodland realm. They must return to the heart of the darkness in Lune to discover what dangerous truth lies there and to face that peril with fire and song… if it does not devour them first.
Deep in Pelenor’s eastern mountains, dragon rider Vasili is a prisoner of an enemy that ought to be long dead; the Order of Valxiron. If he is to stand any chance of freedom… he must serve, but the Order will see him punished for the sins of his forefathers first.
Vasili walks a dangerous path of loyalty and treachery under the punishing attentions of Morrigan of House Mallory. He will escape… if he survives her.
Once more, several strands of fate weave together unknowingly, as an old enemy rises – but those who stand against him may find out far too late to save themselves.

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