Ash Vengeance by Samson Weld, TW Gallier

Ash Vengeance

Ash Vengeance by Samson Weld, TW Gallier (Wexler Vigilante #1)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 317 Kb

Ash Vengeance : For fans of Death Wish, John Wick, The Punisher, and Jack Reacher comes a new relentless vigilante…
Ash Wexler was a mild-mannered insurance adjuster before his wife and kids were brutally murdered. Before he was shot and left for dead.

That was ruthless drug lord Osorio’s only mistake, because now Ash has nothing left to lose.

Having spent five years recuperating and training in martial arts as well as firearms, Ash follows Osorio to Dallas with only one mission: to take down Osorio’s entire operation, one man at a time.

With Detective Anna Bellucci tracking him down, Ash will need to be careful. He wants justice. He wants vengeance.

He wants to kill every last one of them.

Features coarse language and graphic violence

“I’m gonna fuck you up!” Charlie screamed.

Ash paused, standing above him in the back of the truck. Charlie didn’t appear to recognize him.

What a shame.

Charlie surged to his feet. Ash launched himself at the big man, kicking both feet into the truck driver’s chest and knocking him back down. Rolling back to his feet, Ash pulled a pair of ice picks out of his pockets. He was on Charlie in a flash, thrusting, thrusting, thrusting into the big man’s back and belly.

“Son of bitch!” Charlie shrieked with agony.

A dozen ice pick wounds had to hurt. He hoped and prayed they did, remembering all of the pain and misery Charlie had inflicted. Ash wanted him to suffer, but mostly he wanted Charlie to pay for his crimes.

“I’m gonna kill you,” Charlie roared, moving into a boxing stance.

Ash fought the urge to mirror his stance. It would feel so good to beat him down, but Ash wasn’t that foolish. Charlie would kick his ass in a straight up fight. The truck driver had a good fifty pounds of hard muscle on him.”

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