Ashes of the Living by John Cox

Ashes of the Living

Ashes of the Living by John Cox
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.0

They took everything from him. Now it’s his turn…

As the sweltering summer heat lingers, Chicago PD Detective Tyler Morgan chases the trail of a series of violent murders tied to a new type of heroin. As the body count – and the temperature – rises, so does chaos in the city. Tyler’s world turns to ashes as his family is brutally murdered at the orders of a madman.

When winter descends on the city, Tyler’s grief has turned into a chilling obsession, leaving him plagued with nightmares and the overwhelming desire for one thing – Revenge. As he puts his gun to the head of anyone with a lead, his descent into darkness puts him at odds with his new partner, Annabelle Herrera, who comes closer to turning him in as time runs out. A trail of bullets and hatred leads to a shocking confrontation with the man and the madness that brought an entire city to its knees.

No one is safe. Especially Tyler.

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