Ask and Answer by Clara Coulson

Ask and Answer

Ask and Answer by Clara Coulson (King and Crown #2)
English | 2020| Paranormal & Urban Fantasy | ePUB | 3.2 MB

Clara Coulson was born and raised in backwoods Virginia, USA. She holds a degree in English and Finance from the College of William & Mary and recently retired from the hustle and bustle of Washington, DC to return to the homeland and pick up the quiet writing life. Clara spends most of her time (when she’s not writing) dreaming up new story ideas, studying Japanese, and slowly reading through the several-hundred-book backlog on her budding home library. If she’s not occupied with any of those things, then you can probably find her playing with her two cats or lurking in the shadows of various social media websites.

All is calm in the city of Salem’s Gate, Pennsylvania…until a vicious murder spree incites fury in the supernatural community.

A month after Advent 9’s explosive exit from Salem’s Gate, Kat King is finally settling into some semblance of normal, and Liam Crown some semblance of sobriety.

But when a seemingly simple missing persons case abruptly morphs into a murder spree targeting the city’s shifter community, Kat and Liam find themselves trying to untangle the threads of a criminal conspiracy whose origins stretch all the way back to the tumultuous decade that followed the Unveiling.

Accompanied by allies new and old, the duo enter a race against time to solve the case and stop the murders, before the rising tension in the shifter community reaches a boiling point. A point that may spur the second coming of the deadly clashes between mundanes and supernaturals that defined one of the most difficult periods in the history of the world.

Kat stared at the pile of glass on the counter and sighed deeply. Her magic was a tough bull to wrangle, likely due to the fact it wasn’t native to her body. Heck, it wasn’t even human magic. A9 had screwed with her DNA and turned her into some kind of hybrid supernatural. The results had not been perfect.

Of course, they weren’t going for perfect.

They were going for “effective killing machine.”

Chewing her lip in frustration, she ducked underneath the counter and retrieved the dust pan and small broom that she’d placed there after the second light fixture explosion. She swept up the glass and deposited the shards into the trashcan.

As she was sticking the broom into its slot at the top of the dustpan, the door to the store opened with a jingle of a bell, and a middle-aged woman entered.

Close call, Kat thought. If she’d walked in a minute earlier…

Seeing supernaturals in public wasn’t considered to be a spectacle these days—the Unveiling was more than twenty years past after all—but most supernaturals preferred to keep their powers to themselves. Like mundane humans, supernaturals enjoyed their privacy. They also enjoyed not being the targets of anti-sup groups, some of whom had displayed escalating patterns of violence in recent months.

Kat couldn’t fault that logic. Having a target on your back sucked big time.

“Good afternoon, ma’am,” Kat said cheerily. “Anything I can help you find today?”

“No, just browsing,” the woman replied as she began to meander through the rows of bookcases. She stepped over a book, not for a moment thinking that the reason it was on the floor was because Kat had lost her hold on a telekinesis spell when the light fixture burst like an overripe melon.

Watching the woman in the corner of her eye, Kat pulled her phone out of her back pocket to make sure the magic surge hadn’t damaged that too. It seemed to be in perfect working order, likely thanks to the charmed case Liam had gifted her a few days prior.

On the screen, there was a new notification, a text from Liam that stated he believed he’d caught a good case and would relay more info soon. Kat smiled, hoping the case turned out to be interesting.

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