Assassin’s Bane by Marina Finlayson

Assassin's Bane

Assassin’s Bane by Marina Finlayson (Thirteen Realms: Thief of Souls #3)
English | 2021|Fantasy| ePUB | 7 MB

Accidentally becoming a necromancer was NOT on the to-do list. Oops.

Today was meant to be all about destroying the assassins who have plagued the Realms of Faerie for centuries. Instead, the assassins are a no-show and I’m fighting ghosts that I shouldn’t be able to see.

Somehow, I’ve ended up with some of dear old Dad’s necromantic power. He’s the kind of guy who gave necromancy its bad name, and I’d give his tainted magic back in a heartbeat if I could. But he’s disappeared along with the assassins and the sinister dagger known as the Thief of Souls. That’s a triple threat that could smash the Realms into dust.

When all that power is turned on my best friend, my only option is to embrace the deadly new magic I despise. And that’s a choice that could destroy me.

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