Asylum by Amy Cross


Asylum by Amy Cross (The Asylum Trilogy #1)
English | 2019 | Fantasy / horror | ePUB | 515 Kb

Asylum :“No-one ever leaves Lakehurst. The staff, the patients, the ghosts… Once you’re here, you’re stuck forever.”

After shooting her little brother dead, Annie Radford is sent to Lakehurst psychiatric hospital for assessment. Hearing voices in her head, Annie is forced to undergo experimental new treatments devised by a mysterious old man who lives in the hospital’s attic. It soon becomes clear that the hospital’s staff, led by the vicious Nurse Winter, are hiding something horrific at Lakehurst.

As Annie struggles to survive the hospital, she learns more about Nurse Winter’s own story. Once a promising young medical student, Kirsten Winter also heard voices in her head. Voices that traveled a long way to reach her. Voices that have a plan of their own. Voices that will stop at nothing to get what they want.

What kind of signals are being transmitted from the basement of the hospital? Who is the old man in the attic? Why are living human brains kept in jars? And what is the dark secret that lurks at the heart of the hospital?

“Slowly, I feel arms wrap around me. Whereas the guard’s arms were big and heavy, these arms are thin and bare and weak; whereas the guard was able to haul me up and carry me, these arms struggle to pull me off the floor and onto a bed. I can barely even keep my eyes open, but I can just about make out a vague, fuzzy shape holding me. As she struggles to get me onto the bed, I can hear her huffing and puffing through the effort. Why’s she even bothering?

“There,” she says eventually, pulling a sheet over my body. “At least you’re not on the floor.”

I open my mouth a fraction, trying to say “Thank you.” Nothing comes out, of course, but it’s a slight improvement. A couple of minutes ago, I wouldn’t even have been able to open my mouth at all. Am I slowly getting stronger? I hope not. That would seem cruel. Why get stronger now, of all times, when I’m only going to get weaker again? I just want to fade away forever. Somewhere at the back of my mind, there’s the memory of everything that’s ever happened in my life. I don’t want that memory to ever come back. That’s why I just want to die. Plenty of other people will remember what I did. It’s not necessary for me to be alive. What was it that the judge said? My crime will live in infamy. In other words, people will remember me…”

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