Ava by J. S. Crouch


Ava by J. S. Crouch (Secrets of the Ship #1)
English | 2019 | Sci/Fi | ePUB | 427 Kb

Ava A plucky salvager, surviving on ration packs and heart alone, gets wind of his latest payday, one that promises to turn the fortunes for him and his crew.

Upon arriving at he crashed freighter; however, its unfamiliar design and oppressive aura takes his breath away and speaks to its true origins. What he finds inside promises to disrupt their once peaceful way of life and put everyone and everything he holds dear at immediate risk all-the-while something within himself bubbles away, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

Explore the galaxy as you’ve never seen it before with Feelo and his crew of misfits as they discover what’s hidden in its darkest corners while struggling internally with changes that threaten to disrupt the natural equilibrium forever. This, is Ava.

“Turning right at a four-way intersection, he spotted a faint red glow coming from a room at the end of the corridor, its door ajar. He made his way down the steep path, keeping a tight grip to the cables. Every step he took the humidity of air the grew more turgid. A comforting heat caressed his exposed arms, almost willing him forwards. From nowhere, a sudden gust rushed through the hallways and blew off his hood, exposing his shaggy chocolate hair while whispering into his ear.

“Who’s there!?” he spun around sure he had heard the distant voices of someone… or something.

Turning back, the red glow had intensified, it became a beckoning call, a siren’s song drawing him into the unknown. His pupils grew large, he moved in a trance-like state unsteady on his feet. Slowly, he wobbled towards it leaving his environment behind, forgetting everything he had learnt.

He stood in front of the doors transfixed by the radiant red glow that had swamped his thoughts. He wanted, no, needed whatever created the sultry radiance. With an inner strength, he pushed the door apart revealing what sat beyond.

“Oh baby, jackpot,” he grinned. The scavenger’s eternal optimism suddenly crushed any fears he had.

Sat on a pedestal at the centre of the empty, box room, was a glowing red orb. Four arms stretched out from its central mass and held it in place above the plinth. Instinctively, he charged forwards and hovered above its intense brilliance. His eyes stared into its glass-like material, only eventually noticing he looked back at himself.”


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