Avarice Online by Titus A Nettles

Avarice Online

Avarice Online: Kel’van Red Hand by Titus A Nettles
English | 2021 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.7 MB

Life is both beautiful and brutal. To survive it, we must be as beautiful and brutal as she.” -Ulgo Kel’Van Red hand-
Kevin Matthews, a ten-year air force vet and PVP VR player, is dead. Whether it was murder or by accident, it no longer matters to him. You deal with what’s in front of you. He has now been reborn as an Orc in the VRMMO Avarice Online. Here, he must prove himself among the ranks of Ulgo Clan of orcs. Lead his lost clan-mates through the deep dark of the Undercaverns back home. Then claim a class of his own. Meanwhile, unbeknown to him, Earth is undergoing a crisis of its own, and the key to its survival will lie within the Online world of Avarice. Life for humanity may spell death to the monster races, including the orcs. None of this matters to Kevin, now known as Kel’Van among the orcs. He will deal with what’s in front of him. The monsters, elves, orcs, and humans will all soon find out what that means when they cross him.


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