Awakening The Light by John Mangos

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Awakening The Light by John Mangos (The Triad of Balance #1)
English | 2020| Sci-Fi| ePUB | 1.3 MB

A new world. An alternate reality. Infinite possibilities, granted by forces of unimaginable dimensions. Or so it seems.

These three past years had been hell, but Dylan Stillwater was now ready to reap the rewards. The Awakening Day was happening tomorrow. Finally, he’d be able to wield the ancient power of the Aura, which would grant him the ability to cast magic. If he was lucky, he’d enrol to a good Academy, learn a Discipline, and then, through vigorous training, he’d become able to bend the very natures of reality to his command. With potential, he could do almost anything.

Or he’d just work in a factory for the rest of his irrelevant life, until either exhaustion or old age caught up with him. It all depended on the quality of his Aura. But despite his excitement of the opportunity to yield the primal energies of the universe, one thing remained in Dylan’s mind. An itch that couldn’t be scratched, despite all his attempts to erase it from his memory.

I don’t belong here. I was forcefully abducted from my normal life and sent into this echo of my real world. I will find a way to escape this messed up universe. I have to. No matter the cost.

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