Backblast by Candace Irving


Backblast by Candace Irving (Deception Point Military Thriller #3)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 8 MB

Sometimes a case isn’t over…
US Army Detective Regan Chase has just solved the most horrific investigation of her career. One that cost the lives of a dozen soldiers, their wives…and nearly her own.

Regulations are clear. Regan’s barred from interrogating the terrorists responsible—especially the doctor who deliberately infected her with that deadly psycho-toxin.

But the doctor will only speak to Regan.

The Army has no choice. Dr. Durrani’s cohort, a former Army translator, claims there’s a traitor in their midst—and there’s evidence the translator’s telling the truth.

With the stakes critical, Regan heads for the government’s newest classified interrogation site: A US Navy warship in the middle of the Arabian Sea. Regan’s prepared for Dr. Durrani’s lies. But there’s no way she could’ve anticipated the rest.

Within minutes of her boarding the ship, the translator is dead.

His killer? The last man in the world Regan would’ve suspected. Worse, he’s admitting his guilt.

The only detective aboard, Regan must push her personal feelings aside and follow the evidence. But as the investigation deepens, Regan uncovers a second, deadlier, terror plot that leads all the way to the US embassy in Pakistan—and beyond.

Once again, Regan’s on the verge of losing her life…as well as another.

A life more valuable to Regan than her own.

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