Backlash Rising by Brandon Ellis

Backlash Rising

Backlash Rising by Brandon Ellis (The Star Guild Saga Book 2)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.9 MB

After narrowly escaping her enemy, Ali reels back from the edge of death.
She finds herself surrounded by a strange subterranean species who hide from the enslavement she just fled. Some think Ali is the long-awaited key to their salvation. Others want her killed.
But Ali doesn’t have time for life-or-death politics. She knows the Annunaki overlords have a planet-killing weapon en route. Her friends, family, along with the entire Bawn race, face annihilation…except for those willing to betray and sabotage for the Annunaki cause.
Ali may only have days to unravel the knot of doom tightening around them all. Still, she can’t escape one mounting fear: What if this threat is only a trial run for the Annunaki? What if the real target is Ali’s home, the birthplace of humanity and all the rebellion that comes with it — Earth?

Inside rested a single item—a holopad full of Robert Rose’s art, put together by the artist himself. It was Diana’s most prized possession. Not because of the beauty held within it, but because of what she believed acted as its purpose.

She supposed Robert knew the reasons he drew and painted these images. She’d crap her pants if she learned anyone else had caught on, too.

She placed the holopad on her desk and turned it on. A hologram of a book floated above the holodisplay. She flipped the pages by swiping her finger over each holographic page, stopping when she saw a gorgeous blue planet.

She slid open another desk drawer and grabbed a magnifying glass. She placed it over the upper portion of the planet, and in tiny letters, Robert had etched the word Earth. To the naked eye, the word looked like part of the landscape.

She’d never visited Earth, but in her conversations with Enlil, that’s where her race originated. It was where Ali had come from—the most recent human taken from that planet.

Turning the page, she paused. Starbase Matrona. An image of the starbase’s construction came to the forefront with massive assembly ships surrounding it, and a large golden planet in the background, planet Eos. “Building the starbase probably took years,” she said to herself.

Robert Rose’s paintings took a life of their own and were breathtaking. Hence, why the man became the most famous artist in the history of Matrona. Too bad he hid in secret.

She turned the pages until she came to a painting rendering a plateau with a vast ridge. An erupting star hovered at the base, looking like a tiny supernova.

She pressed her thumb against her teeth. How can a star explode on a planet? Is it even a star?

Experts had interpreted all of Robert’s art, but never decoded the author’s mind or his prophetic style. They spoke about his exquisite brush strokes, his perfect symmetry, his ability to capture a feeling. They didn’t see his futurist eye, or his ability to forecast potential future events. The experts more or less discounted his foretellings.

None of them saw what she had always seen, a pattern to every piece of Robert’s work. He painted the past and painted possibilities of future outcomes, a history book combined with prophecy.

She flipped the page, then quickly flipped back. She couldn’t help it. No matter how many times she told herself that was just a piece of art, she thought the painting with the supernova depicted a future event on planet Eos.

And the ridge?

She tapped her teeth again and shook her head. “It has to be the plateau’s ridge I’ve parked Starship Sirona next to.” She bit her lower lip and scratched her chin. She paused, staring at the image. She huffed. “The exploding star has to be Sirona.”

A Robert Rose prediction.

But it couldn’t be Sirona. She’d signed a contract with Enlil. Her ship, her people, and most importantly, herself, would be safe.

She turned to the previous page and squished her eyebrows together. This image baffled her the most, always holding her attention longer than any other Rose painting.

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