Bad Timing by Nick Oldham

Bad Timing

Bad Timing by Nick Oldham
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 3.1 MB

Nick Oldham was born in Belthorn, Lancashire, in 1956. He has been a police officer since the age of nineteen, spending the majority of his service in operational roles, before retiring in 2005. He lives with his partner, Belinda, on the outskirts of Preston.

Henry Christie thought he’d solved the case that drew him out of retirement, but finds himself joining forces with Diane Daniels once again when the body of a young woman is discovered close to the scene of the chilling murders that took place at Hawkshead Farm. The deaths appear to be linked, and when Henry and Diane stumble upon an execution in progress and narrowly avoid becoming victims themselves, Henry embarks on a mission to bring a merciless gunman to justice, as well as a very personal quest for revenge.

Does Henry still have what it takes to catch a ruthless serial killer? Propelled on to a trail of criminality involving money laundering and serious organized crime that stretches from Lancashire to London, Henry’s bravery and resolve is about to tested to its very limits.

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