Badger Company by Eric T Knight, Dylan Knight

Badger Company

Badger Company by Eric T Knight, Dylan Knight (The Torashad Wars Book 1)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Only the insane or the truly desperate sign up to fight in the Torashad War…
For Badger Company, a motley group of misfit mercenaries, there simply aren’t any other choices. Not after the disaster at Fell’s Keep made them outcasts that no one would hire. Now the men and women of Badger Company are marching to join a war that has been raging for centuries.
Long ago, Go’ath, the demon lord, created the Rift, allowing demons to enter the world. But the god Eremus was waiting for him. Eremus had created the Blade, a massive sword unlike anything the world had ever seen, and pierced Go’ath with it before he could pass through. Eremus then went through the Rift in pursuit of Go’ath and never returned.
The Blade stopped Go’ath, but the Rift remains open. The Torashad War–so named for the mighty fortress Eremus’ followers, the Aegis Knights built on the demon side of the Rift–continues unceasing, an endless battle against a foe that never gives up.
The priests who prosecute the war pay in gold. They pay in redemption too. A stint in the Torashad War earns forgiveness for all crimes committed, both worldly and godly. And the gods know that Badger Company needs more forgiveness than most.
All they have to do is survive a war that leaves most of the soldiers who fight in it dead or driven mad.

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