Barbarian Backlash by Craig Halloran

 Barbarian Backlash

Barbarian Backlash: Dragon Wars – Book 14 of 20: An Epic Sword and Sorcery Fantasy Adventure Series by Craig Halloran
English |2021 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.2 MB

I’m a writer. I do it every single day. Reading everyday is a big plus too. Writing is a business and an outlet of creativity to me. I love TV, but you don’t create jack squat by sitting around and watching it.

Stranded in an icy northern frontier the blood brothers face a nemesis unlike any they’ve faced before.
Separated from their allies, Grey Cloak and Dyphestive find themselves searching for new ones in a dangerous place where they aren’t welcome by all. Caught in a triangle of love and betrayal, a cunning faceless enemy schemes to destroy them once and for all.
With no one by themselves to trust, the blood brothers must expose their unseen foe quickly or an entire civilization of people will fall into a dark demise.

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