Battle Born by Amie Kaufman

 Battle Born

Battle Born by Amie Kaufman (Elementals #3)
English | 2020 | YA > Fantasy | ePUB | 3.0 MB

Amie Kaufman is a New York Times and internationally bestselling author of young adult and middle grade fiction including the Illuminae Files, the Starbound trilogy, the Aurora Cycle and the Other Side of the Sky duology.

Tensions are at an all-time high in the final book of this rip-roaring adventure series about siblings with magical shapeshifter powers, from New York Times bestselling author Amie Kaufman.

Though Anders and his friends have delayed a war between ice wolves and scorch dragons, their mission is far from over. With adults on both sides looking for them, they’ve sought refuge in Cloudhaven, a forbidden stronghold that could hold the key to saving their home.

Meanwhile, Holbard has been ravaged, and its citizens are reeling. Many have been forced into bleak camps outside the city, and food is running short.

To rebuild Vallen and unite scorch dragons, ice wolves, and humans, Anders and Rayna must put everything on the line…before the damage done is beyond repair. But the price of peace may hit closer to home than they could’ve ever imagined.

Along the wall from the two girls sat Theo and Mikkel. Mikkel was running one hand through his copper hair, studying the wolves thoughtfully. Restless as ever, Theo was pulling open their bags as the silence drew out. He began to unpack them, taking stock of what supplies they had. The dragons had managed to grab a few things before they’d left Drekhelm. The wolves hadn’t even been expecting the battle, let alone that they would have to flee from it, and they had nothing.

Next, Anders’s attention shifted around to the wolves. Anders’s old roommates, Viktoria and Sakarias, sat together. Det, Mateo, and Jai sat farther along, quiet and a little wary. For once, none of them had an easy joke to offer.

Only Lisabet sat by Anders’s side. Just as there were fractures and mistrust between the wolves and the dragons, there were cracks separating the two of them from the rest of the wolf pack as well. Anders and Lisabet had sided with the dragons weeks earlier at Drekhelm, driving away their Ulfar classmates.

They had done it to save the lives of their friends and the lives of the dragons, but Sakarias’s arm had been in a sling until just recently, and Anders wasn’t sure they were forgiven. It felt like all he’d done since discovering he was an ice wolf was run and hide and fight.

“If you really want to know what we need to do next,” Sakarias said suddenly, “we need to eat.” A couple of the wolves snickered, breaking the tension for a moment, and Sakarias’s own mouth twitched in a small, tired smile. “I know I talk about food a lot,” he said, sheepish, “but this is going to be a problem really soon. It already is for us, if the dragons don’t want to share what they have.”

Mikkel sat up indignantly, fixing Sakarias with a scowl. “Of course we’ll share,” he snapped. And just like that, the small smiles were gone. “What do you think, we’re just going to watch you starve while we keep it all to ourselves?”

Viktoria immediately came to her roomie’s defense. “How are we supposed to know what you’ll do?” she asked sharply. Her parents came from the wealthy west side of Holbard, and she’d always been posher than most of the other students at Ulfar Academy. Now she wielded her icy tone like a blade. “You just attacked our city. Why should we expect you to feed us?”

“I think,” said Lisabet quietly, “we’d better talk about who did what at the battle just now. And why.”

Together, she, Anders, and Rayna recounted what had happened over the last few weeks, while Mikkel and Theo started a fire in the big hearth. The entrance hall was a cold and miserable place to sit—it didn’t even have a proper door to the outside, just an open archway that led to the dragons’ big landing pad. The real shelter lay beyond a great wooden door that only Anders and Rayna could pass through. When their friends had tried earlier that day, the floor had crumbled clean out from beneath their feet.

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