Battle Road by A.D. Summer

Battle Road

Battle Road by A.D. Summer (Wrath of Origin Two Book 2)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.7 MB

s Sibylla is plunged into a world of war, an ancient race edges closer to earth.
Sibylla’s time is almost over. Her team has just been beaten in her first battle, and now Daiyu stands over her with a blade to her throat.
General Murdock has his own problems. The Defender Project is well underway, and already his allies are betraying him. Mechs are being directed to the Nest without his approval, and the secretary of state has just ordered him to break an important promise.
Thousands of light-years away, the Anunnaki are preparing for a final battle. If successful, they’ll be free to turn their ships back toward Ki, the ancient planet that they terraformed millenniums ago, and rid its surface of the failed species it created.
But the Anunnaki have their own problems. Betrayal. Politics. And the occasional assassination. Vendettas run deep amongst this twisted family of Demi-gods, and some will never forget.
Can Sibylla and Murdock survive long enough to protect the earth’s shores?

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