Baxter and Holt by Leslie Wolfe

 Baxter and Holt

Baxter and Holt: Three Gripping Thrillers, One Riveting Series by Leslie Wolfe
English | 2020 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.7 MB

Two mavericks form an intriguing team. Baxter and Holt trust each other with their lives, just not with their darkest secrets.

Three full-length, exciting crime thrillers, one seriously gripping series. Discover Detectives Baxter and Holt, two unconventional, rule-breaking mavericks who couldn’t have less in common. Join them on three breathtaking crime-solving rides in glamorous Las Vegas and find out what secrets are worth more than one’s life.

By day, they are Las Vegas cops.
By night, all bets are off.

Las Vegas Girl
In a fashionable Las Vegas hotel, with hundreds of witnesses and countless video surveillance cameras watching, a young girl is brutally murdered in an audacious crime that shocks the entire city.
Will a connection with the victim’s distant past hold the key to catching her killer? And can Baxter and Holt uncover them before they become victims themselves?

Casino Girl
When a beautiful young girl is murdered in the high-roller pleasure pit of the exclusive Scala Casino, it doesn’t take long for the news to leak out amongst the glamourous and wealthy clientele. Before she had met her grisly end, Crystal had been seen boarding an unmarked helicopter for a late-night flight. Where had she been going?
In Las Vegas, secrets can kill.

Las Vegas Crime
When a teenage girl is daringly kidnapped from her school, minutes after being dropped off, a frenzied search begins, involving the entire police force of a city that never sleeps. But for Detectives Baxter and Holt this isn’t a crime like any other; it is personal.

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