Beauty in Ashes by Harper Wylde , Quinn Arthurs

 Beauty in Ashes

Beauty in Ashes (Phoenix Rising #7) by Harper Wylde, Quinn Arthurs
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.1 MB

Harper Wylde is an emerging author who lives in the countryside of Pennsylvania. As a wife and a mother of two young children, she spends her days chasing after little people and making crazy notes about story ideas all over her home.

There’s nothing pretty about war—blood, death, pain… that’s all it brings.
And this one has already taken it’s sacrifice.
But there’s no choice anymore, we need this new world and fighting is the only way.
Damien, Theo, Killian, Ryder, Hiro, Joshua, and I face more challenges than ever before, death a shadow over us that even I’m not safe from.
One by one we’ll turn our questions into answers as old enemies emerge and new alliances are forged. There’s too much at stake to lose now, and my Phoenix will set the world on fire to help me to protect my friends and the six men I’ve fallen for, because sometimes family isn’t the one you’re born into, but the one you choose.
With the rebellion on our shoulders and war on our doorstep, I’m done waiting. I will claim the men I love as mine and seal our mating before I face the final flames as my mother did before me.
Together we’ll make our stand against the forces of darkness as the battle rages around us.
Are we destined to see our future burn away in flames, or will love transcend death to reveal the Beauty In Ashes?

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