Behind the Walls by A L Fraine

 Behind the Walls

Behind the Walls: A British Crime Thriller (A DCI Pilgrim Thriller Book 4) by A L Fraine
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 5.6 MB

A L Fraine lives in Surrey in the UK, just outside of London, with his wife, kids, cat and dog. Having enjoyed reading thrillers and watching gripping drama for years, it was the influence of a couple of more recent shows that spurred him on to put pen to paper and write his first thriller, The Upper hand.

Missing people,
A twisted killer,
And bodies in the walls…
When the Woods family start to renovate their house, and knock down a wall, they find it stuffed with bodies.
They’ve been living in a house, surrounded by murdered strangers.
DCI Jon Pilgrim and his team are brought in to investigate this nightmare, and find the killer.
The victims were loners, the displaced and forgotten, who were lured to their death.
Their investigation leads to a girl that’s gone missing. Is she bricked up in a wall somewhere?
The detectives on that case are Kates old colleagues, and old rivalries surface.
Meanwhile the woman Jon knows only as Sydney is back, with her sights set on Jon.
And the escaped psychopath Terry Mills is out there somewhere.
Jon and his team must navigate this bizarre case, and find the killer before anyone else ends up entombed within a wall.

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