Better Come Get Her(Yours Everlasting Series Book 2)

Better Come Get Her

Better Come Get Her by Dakota Rebel (Yours Everlasting Series Book 2)
English | 2021| Romance | ePUB | 1.6 MB

 Scarlett Lakes–
Being the daughter of the president is actually kind of awful. My entire life is under the scrutiny of the press and strangers on the internet. I can’t go out, I don’t have friends, and I’m basically a prisoner in a tourist trap of a house.I just want to have a little fun. Unfortunately, my new babysitter…excuse me, bodyguard, is a real piece of work. He never leaves me alone and apparently wouldn’t know a good time if it bit him on his well-formed ass.I’ve got to get out of here before I completely lose my mind.
Milo Verrochi–
When I signed up for the secret service, my goal was always to protect the president. I thought this was my shot, getting called up to the big leagues. Instead, I’m babysitting the leader of the free world’s spoiled, entitled, brat of a daughter.And she’s driving me crazy.At the end of the day, my job is to make sure I take her home, but deep down, I actually just want to take her.

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