Between Two Scorpions by Jim Geraghty

Between Two

Between Two Scorpions by Jim Geraghty (The CIA’s Dangerous Clique #1)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.4 Mb

Between Two : A long dormant CIA asset emerges from hiding to request a meeting with his former handler, the beautiful, enigmatic intelligence operative Katrina Leonidivna. She’s skeptical that the source, a shady arms dealer, is on the level. But when Katrina barely escapes with her life after an explosion rips through the café where they met, she’s forced to take his tip seriously. Alongside her husband, Alec Flanagan, and a rogue crew of covert agents from every corner of the intelligence community, Katrina races around the globe to uncover the truth.

What this dangerous clique of operatives discover is a plot that could rip America apart from the inside. A plot that pits neighbors against one another and turns everyone into a potential threat. A plot that could make anyone take up arms against their own country. A plot that Katrina, Alec, and the rest of their crew have to stop before it’s too late. But when everyone is a suspect, no one is safe and the entire nation is under suspicion. Hot on the trail of a terror cell capable of turning anyone—and everyone—into a deranged killer, only this dangerous clique of spies has a chance to stop the terrorists from weaponizing America’s greatest asset—freedom.

“Alec didn’t belong here, by any measure. He was trained as an analyst specializing in terror financing but had spent years jumping into the field with the ops side, against the better judgment of just about everyone. Katrina’s reputation within the Agency was sterling; his … wasn’t. Despite widespread skepticism and more than a few encounters that had gone very wrong very fast, he had managed to keep himself in one piece.

So far.

Alec grabbed the hostel door as a man in a blue and yellow soccer jacket departed. He straightened his posture and walked through the lobby with a look of authority; he had learned you could walk right into a lot of restricted areas just by looking and acting like you belonged. He quickly realized the effort wasn’t necessary. The front desk clerk never looked up from his phone, watching coverage of the bombing elsewhere in the city. Alec looked around the lobby and started wondering how he could get anyone else out of Rat’s room and get rid of any potential witnesses. He spotted a fire alarm just a bit down the hallway, just out of the clerk’s line of sight. Alec figured he could pull the alarm, which would clear out anyone else in Rat’s room, as well as any witnesses to see him entering it

He had almost gotten to the alarm when it suddenly went off by itself. For a second, Alec wondered if he had set it off with his thoughts.”


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