Beyond All Reasonable Doubt by Malin Persson Giolito

Beyond All Reasonable Doubt

Beyond All Reasonable Doubt by Malin Persson Giolito (Sophia Weber #2)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB |1.6 Mb

Beyond All Reasonable Doubt : From the award-winning author of Quicksand, a gripping legal thriller that follows one woman’s conflicted efforts to overturn what may be a wrongful conviction.

I’m giving you a chance to achieve every lawyer’s dream, said Sophia Weber’s old professor. Freeing an innocent man.

Thirteen years ago, a fifteen-year-old girl was murdered. Doctor Stig Ahlin was sentenced to life in prison. But no one has forgotten the brutal crime. Ahlin is known as one of the most ruthless criminals.When Sophia Weber discovers critical flaws in the murder investigation, she decides to help Ahlin. But Sophia’s doing her utmost to get her client exonerated arouses many people’s disgust. And the more she learns, the more difficult her job becomes. What kind of man is her client really? What has he done? And will she ever know the truth?

“The officers stand just inside the door for a moment. The dog’s terror fills the narrow hall, creeping in under their clothes, trickling down their backs. The fear has barbs that hook into the officers’ skin. They hesitate, calling out a few times without expecting any response. Their radios crackle and click.

One of the officers heads for the kitchen. The other walks in the opposite direction. A well-worn sofa is arranged before a silent TV. The dining room table has been set for two. Upstairs, three doors are wide open. The younger of the two officers stops in front of the first. It doesn’t look like a young girl’s room. He clears his throat and calls for his colleague. But his throat closes up, burning with bile. His voice hardly carries. He has to call out again.

I don’t want to, he has time to think. He can hear the dog again, downstairs.

The white dress is laid neatly on a nearby chair, clean and whole. The quilt is on the floor and the curtains are drawn. His colleague comes up the stairs to stand beside him. He breathes heavily through his nose, his hand shakes, he has trouble unbuttoning the little case on his belt. At last it opens and he works the radio free and calls for help.

They go downstairs to wait. Soon the house will be teeming with officers, technicians, investigators. The dog has to go. They don’t want to touch her. When they aim their boots near her, she lets herself out. She sits on the steps, shaking, her nose in the air, her jaws slightly parted.”

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