Beyond Perfect by Anna Archer

Beyond Perfect

Beyond Perfect by Anna Archer
English | 2021|Romance FF| ePUB | 6 MB

When the dust of her separation settles, a letter full of untruths and pain is all Emily has left to show for her twenty-five-year marriage. That and her grown up children, all dutifully angry at their father’s affair with a woman young enough to be their sibling.

Carrying the letter with her, Emily cannot release herself from her husband’s unkind words, until at last, she puts herself first and takes off on a trip to the snowy mountains. Befriended by two women on the resort, Emily begins to uncover who she truly is.

When her husband turns up and threatens to ruin everything, Emily’s newfound courage, and the love of someone she least expected, have her seizing the happiness she deserves.

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